Testimonial by Gujarat Vikas Daily

Your service runs with time and we get enough support from you whenever needed. We have recommended others to use your services, too.

One of the famous local newspapers in Gujarati language in India is Gujarat Vikas Daily. The newspaper attracts a vast community of intellectual readers and is notable for its impartial and fearless news reports. Currently, it is spread across 14 mega cities of India with 20,000+ copies sold daily.

Mr. Pankaj Dhuwad, the editor-in-chief wanted his newspaper to be read by the Gujarati readers across the globe. He wanted the newspaper to be readable on every device including smartphones and tablets.

And this is what Oktosite is there for. Built with the latest technologies, we provided them a fully customized solution. You can check the live website on www.gujaratvikas.org. The salient features of the website are: (1) you can read the newspaper on every device even without downloading it. (2) The website is bilingual. You can switch the language from Gujarati to English and vice-versa. And (3) even if your device doesn’t support the Native Gujarati Unicode fonts, this website shows the text written in Gujarati language.

As a result, today Gujarat Vikas has got 9000+ monthly unique online readers as well as 250+ email newsletter subscribers. Check out what Mr. Pankaj Dhuwad, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper says about their experience doing business with us.

Testimonial by Gujarat Vikas Daily

So this was just another story of the many clients we have served so far. We are proud of being a part of such a democratic newspaper. Well, you also need a professional website for your business? Then what are you waiting for? Let's Get Started.