10 reasons to have a Website

You may think

  • I don't need a website simply because my business is already popular.
  • My Business is not big enough to have a website.
  • My products or services can't be sold online.

Well, if any of these is true, you must reconsider the points listed below:

1. Proof of your Existence

Consider a scenario when somebody who just heard about you wants to know more about your business, products and services in depth. He searched about you on internet and you were simply not there. But one of your biggest competitors whose business is similar to you had a website and he is online. And you lost a potential customer or a big deal or a great investor who wants to invest in the business like yours.

This is not exaggeration at all. These types of situations occur more frequently than you can imagine. There are more than 3.3 billion internet users in this world [Source] and among these much users, this is not uncommon.

Many people in the world rely heavily on your internet presence. They first search you on search engines like Google! If you're not online, it is simply assumed that either you do not exist or you're not available when needed. At the same time somebody else who has a website, grabs the piece of your bread.

2. Your First Impression

Suppose you're trying to approach someone for your next big deal or with a great proposal of a project. Or you're applying for a bank loan or want someone to invest in your business. How will the other party get to know that you're reliable, trustable and big enough to meet their criteria? This is where the website comes into picture. If you have a professional website, it will create a positive impact in the other party about you even before you meet each other. A Website is your first impression!

3. Visibility in Search Engines

Many people nowadays search for their requirements on Google before going to a shop. They check the features of the products, make choices, compare prices, read reviews and then decide to purchase. And through all these activities, they surf a number of websites.

If your website is one of those which they visit; they may consider you before they purchase it finally.

4. An Advertising Tool

May be your business is well-reputed and quite popular among your customers. Those who already know you, may consider you the first before choosing someone else. But don't you want to grow? Don't you want to reach those who don't already know you. A Website is a great advertising tool that can do this for you.

With Email Marketing and SEO techniques, you can utilize your website to find more customers for you, thus increasing your sales.

5. The Big Company image

Any organization or company with a website looks more credible than one without a website. A good website makes an impression in people's minds that your organization is a big company with a great turn-overs. With a website, you look better and bigger than your competitors. Thus your customers put more trust in your company than your competitors.

6. Updated with your Latest Details

Those, to whom you may not know but often purchase the products/services your organization provides, can subscribe to your newsletters. With a website, you can notify your regular clients, customers and newsletter subscribers when you launch a new product, introduce a new service, start an offer, open a new office or simply update the prices of the products. If somebody didn't initiate an inquiry for purchase due to the old details in your website, can be asked if he wants to proceed after referring the updated details in the website.

7. Online Brochure and Catalogue

On your website you can list out every information regarding your products. You can create a products catalogue with their specifications, photographs, pricing, description, technical details, everything. You can create a brochure of your services. Or you can simply put the details of the activities your organization carries. Purpose behind creating a website may be limitless, so its capabilities also!

8. Your Portfolio and Projects Showcase

Whether you're a Graphic Designer, Photographer, a Building Constructor or an Artist; you may have done great projects in past. But what's the use of them if they are hidden inside your computer? The skills are to flaunt and encash. With a website you can showcase your previous projects and build an online portfolio and impress the people worldwide with your talent. This attracts and inspires your customers to choose you over others.

9. Sales 24x7x365

How much will you pay a salesman who works 9 hours a day? You will get a website at lower cost than his weekly salary. But a website will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Moreover, it will serve multiple potential customers at a time which a salesman can't do.

10. Professional Email

With a website, you can purchase Mailbox at additional cost which gives you a more professional-looking email address like [email protected] which creates an impression before people that your company has its own server, which in turn makes you look self-dependent, more reliable and trustable company.

Bonus: 3.3 Billion People Reach

As this source says, there are more than 3.3 billion people worldwide who use internet. No Facebook or any other service makes you available to all of them except a Website. This can give you an idea how potential can your website ultimately be.