18 reasons to choose us

Questioning is a good thing. Even Steve Jobs questioned 'Why?' at every single operation within his company. And that's why we bring you a list of points to consider why you should choose us:

1. The first and above all: Quality

Built and backed up with latest web design trends (Web 2.0 standards) and technologies, our WDP (Website Design Process) follows some strict quality criteria. The layouts are nowhere cluttered and they have the richest HD Graphic Contents and Animations. All of these result in a Beautiful, High Quality Websites.

Please have a look at our Portfolio to check the websites we have designed for our clients.

2. Lifetime Free Web Hosting

While all other web design agencies charge a separate annual fees to customers for the Web Hosting, we provide Web Hosting Totally for free to the customers. And that too, for lifetime. That means you pay us only once for the Website Design and your website will be live for free forever.

3. Fully Customized Website

While all other web design agencies impose the design they create on customers, we have a standard Web Design Process (WDP). At every step of WDP, we create goals, get your approval, implement it, test it, get your feedback and then make it final. You get a website exactly what you want.

4. 100% Original Design

Many web design agencies download readymade templates, and just fit your contents inside the templates and deliver you as a Website. The main disadvantage of this approach is that a single design can be seen across many websites. But this is not the case with us. We create unique designs at our labs for each website ordered. These designs are 100% our original and unique idea. You won't find similar designs anywhere else.

5. Responsive Websites for every screen

When a non-responsive site is viewed in small screen like Cellphone or Tablet, visitor has to scroll horizontally and zoom-in/zoom-out frequently to read the full contents of your website. Whereas a responsive website is designed for every screen. It automatically adapts a compatible layout according to the size of the screen it is being viewed in. Our responsive websites fit on every screen from tiny Smartphones to large-sized Desktop Screens.

6. Interactive Features

A simple static website that was made in 1990s lacked many features today's websites don't. But many Web Design agencies, who haven't adopted the modern web standards, even today create the old-fashioned websites. These websites display your organization info, its activities, products, galleries and your contact details very well. But an interactive website can do more than that. With our interactive websites, you can not handle inquiries, get feedbacks or send/receive files. You can even the visitors' locations and activities on your website. Moreover, you can chat with them directly through the website and generate more leads.

7. The Return of your Investment

Our Exclusivity is in your Growth.

Fully focused in your profit, every element of the web pages: the contents, design, graphics, animated elements and call-to-action elements are designed in such a way that on any device, the visitor gets inspired to connect with you. As a result you get more leads.

8. On-time Delivery

Once we receive the necessary stuffs from you and you approve the mock design (which is delivered in two days), we deliver the websites and make it live within 5 days (Considering a 10 page website). The whole Website Design Process takes no more than 10 days from our end. No procrastinations, no excuses, no delay.

9. After Sales Reports

Once your site is live, you can check a detailed Analytics and Statistics reports about how well is your site working. It contains all the information of the visitor such as his location, his browser, his OS, his language (set in his PC), his ISP (Internet Service Provider), his device (smartphone/tablet/PC), his behavior on your website (e.g. which pages did he visit, how much time did he spend on each page, his page visit cycle) etc. You can compare the reports between any two timespans and export them as PDF, too.

10. The Google Maps Benefit

In the contact page of your website like ours, the Google Map of your office/workspace location is embedded to help your customers find you easily. Moreover, we enable your business to be located by customers who search anything related to your business name or the products/services you sell.

11. Email Marketing

Newsletter subscription facility is embedded with website for an effective (yet free) Email Marketing of your business. Those, to whom you may not know but often purchase the products/services your organization provides, can subscribe to your newsletters. In this way you collect a good database of your potential customers. You can send them your product/service details in newsletters.

According to this article on Wikipedia , one of the reasons why Email marketing is popular with companies is: An exact return on investment can be tracked ("track to basket") and has proven to be high when done properly. Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.

12. Free Stock Images worth {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.stock_images}}

Many web design agencies steal the copyrighted photographs from other websites and put them on your website with no or little modification. We just hate plagiarism. And so we don't copy-paste the photographs and artworks from Google or other websites to decorate your website. For every website, we purchase Licensed photographs from Stock Image Selling Websites. Moreover, we don't separately charge for these stock images. Don't worry about the Copyrights or any complaints. Your website will NOT infringe any laws.

13. Free Monthly Update for 1 year

When you order us Website Design, we update ANY content on your website (such as pricing, photographs, contact details, text contents etc.) for free for 1 year (maximum once per month) upon your request.

Note: If you need to update the contents of the websites more frequently, you can consider our product CMS.

14. Search Engine Optimized Websites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to make search engines display our website before our competitors' websites when someone searches for some specific keywords. E.g. if your business is of Food Products, your website should rank well for the keywords 'Food', 'Foods', 'Food Products', 'Eatery Items', 'Packaged Foods', 'Food Processors', 'Food Manufacturers' etc. because these are the keywords people will search for on Google (and other search engines).

There are two phases of SEO: (1) On-Page SEO and (2) Off-Page SEO. For the On-Page SEO, the websites are coded in such a way that when Search Engines like Google crawl and index them, they rank higher than other websites for specific keywords in search results. We do this totally for Free. No extra cost at all.

The Off-Page SEO is a very lengthy and continuous process and it works only if the website is well optimized On-Page. As a part of Off-Page SEO, we submit your site to over 100 leading search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing with keywords.

15. Blazing Fast Speed

According to surveys held by researchers, 50% of internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. Moreover, they close the website that isn’t fully loaded within 3 seconds. Speed is a significant factor of the performance and monetization of your website. The websites designed by us always rank more than 95% on GTMetrix - the popular Website Speed measuring tool.

Do other web designers also make a fast-loading website? Compare theirs and ours websites at GTMetrix .

16. Weekly Analysis of websites

We list all of the websites we design for our clients in our portfolio. Moreover, we encourage our customers to go through our portfolio before ordering us to make sure our designing skills meet their expectations. Henceforth, it is very necessary for us to keep our clients' websites working fine and up-to-date.

We manually check all our clients' websites and make sure there isn't any technical fault. If we come across any issue, we solve it immidiately even if our client doesn't report the issue. At Shakunsoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., your website is always live and working fine.

17. Protection against Unauthorized Copy

There are number of tools available on the internet (such as HTTrack), which enables the user to download any website and clone it by copying the source code. These types of tools are widely (mis)used to clone well-designed websites.

But the websites designed by us are protected against these types of activities. If anybody tries to download your website, it won't work for him because the cloned website will automatically be redirected to yours.

18. The best Pricing in Market

Mostly all other Web Design Agencies charge anywhere between {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.others_webhosting_min*2}} to {{global.symbol}}{{global.prices.others_webhosting_max*2}} every year for your Website. What you pay them for 2 or 3 years, is what you pay us for lifetime.